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ben crump civil netflix
(Photo: Courtesy of Netflix)

‘I Know Who I Am and Whose I Am’ — Netflix to Drop Ben Crump Documentary ‘Civil’ on Father’s Day

Benjamin Crump, prominent Christian civil rights attorney, is at the center of a new Netflix documentary that gives viewers an inside look at the dogged lawyer’s fight for justice.

Titled “Civil: Ben Crump,” the documentary was filmed under the direction of award-winning filmmaker Nadia Hallgren (“Becoming”). The intimate project takes a look at Crump’s “mission to raise the value of Black life in America,” according to a synopsis from Netflix.

“CIVIL follows a year in the life as Crump takes on the civil cases for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Andre Hill,” it adds. “Peeling back the many layers of Crump, Hallgren gives a behind-the-scenes look at his upbringing and his balance of work and family life. CIVIL also underscores other countless issues Crump is passionate about including environmental justice and banking while Black.”

Crump became a go-to attorney in the wake of Trayvon Martin’s killing by George Zimmerman in 2012, although his first major case involved Martin Lee Anderson. Anderson was a 14-year-old Black youth who died after being kicked and beaten by guards at a boot-camp juvenile facility in Florida.

Since then, the civil rights attorney “has established himself as one of the nation’s foremost lawyers and advocates for social justice, earning the nickname ‘Black America’s Attorney General,” according to a previous press release from Netflix.

ben crump civil netflix poster
(Photo: Courtesy of Netflix)

“Civil” is produced by Kenya Barris, Roger Ross Williams, Lauren Cioffi and Nadia Hallgren and executive produced by Erynn Sampson, Matthew Carnahan and Geoff Martz.

“Civil: Ben Crump” has a running time of 101 minutes and begins streaming on Netflix on Father’s Day — June 19, 2022.

The documentary likely compliment’s Crump’s previous book, Open Season: Legalized Genocide of Colored People.

Watch the trailer for “Civil Ben Crump” below.

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