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Big George Foreman movie
Forest Whitaker and Khris Davis star in "Big George Foreman: The Miraculous Story of the Once and Future Heavyweight Champion of the World." (Photo: Sony Pictures/Alan Markfield)

What You Need to Know About New Christian Movie ‘Big George Foreman’

George Foreman Movie Based on Boxing Champ/Baptist Preacher’s True Story

“Big George Foreman: The Miraculous Story of the Once and Future Heavyweight Champion of the World” is headed to the big screen. The biographical sports drama tells the story of boxing champ/Baptist preacher George Foreman. Here’s what we know about the new Christian movie.

‘Big George Foreman’ Based on a True Story

The biopic is based on the true story of George Foreman, who became a heavyweight champion twice. The movie follows Foreman’s life from his impoverished childhood in Texas to his rise to fame as a boxer and Olympic Gold medalist. It also shows his retirement from the sport, sparked by a near-death experience in the ring. This is the point where Foreman decides to become a Baptist preacher. But, due to a bankruptcy years later, the former champ decides to get back in the ring at the age of 45 — and regains his heavyweight title.

George Foreman Movie 2023 Cast

George Foreman is portrayed by Khris Davis and Forest Whitaker plays his trainer, Doc Broadus. It also stars Jasmine Mathews, John Magaro, Sullivan Jones, Lawrence Gilliard Jr., and Sonja Sohn. The film is directed by George Tillman Jr., who has also directed films such as “Men of Honor” and “The Hate U Give.” The screenplay is written by Tillman Jr. and Frank Baldwin.

George Foreman Movie on Netflix or Hulu

The film’s distributor, Sony Pictures Entertainment/Affirm Films, has not yet announced which streaming services will carry the film. However, it is likely that “Big George Foreman” will be available on a variety of platforms — perhaps Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV or Amazon Prime Video. It is also possible the movie will find its way to Pure Flix, considering that Affirm Films owns the Christian movie streamer.

How to Watch the Movie and Get the Story

Currently, the only way to watch “Big George Foreman” is in theaters starting April 28. You can head over to Fandango and buy your tickets right now. And if you’re one of those people who like to read the book before watching the movie, you’re in luck. Foreman shares his story in the book, God in My Corner: A Spiritual Memoir. It’s in this book that Foreman reveals how a near-death experience led to his belief in Jesus Christ. The book is about 200 pages. If you start reading now you’ll be well prepared for the George Foreman movie.

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