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Black Christian Movies to Watch Right Now on YouTube

Featuring: The Trip to Bountiful, Freshman Year, It’s A Life Worth Living, and More

Believe it or not, YouTube has become a go-to source for quality content, including faith-friendly movies centering on Black stories. Here, we list some of the most popular Black Christian movies that appear to be fan-favorites among viewers on the site.

The Trip to Bountiful” (2014) — This Lifetime movie has been viewed more than 2.5 million times since being uploaded on Feb 10, 2022. In this movie adapted from Horton Foote’s play of the same name, Cicely Tyson plays the elderly Mrs. Watts. Mrs. Watts is not allowed to travel alone, but she soon escapes her son’s watching eyes. Where is Mrs. Watts trying so desperately to reach? You’ll have to watch this faith-friendly movie to find out.

Freshman Year” (2019) — A popular one with YouTube viewers, “Freshman Year” has racked up nearly 1.5 million hits on YouTube since late 2021. This Black Christian movie tells the tale of a devout preacher’s son who leaves home to start his college studies. On campus, he meets a student (and potential love interest) who challenges his faith.

It’s A Life Worth Living” (2020) — With more than a million views in less than a year of hitting YouTube, this Black Christian movie follows John, a man haunted by his beginnings. John struggles with finding meaning and worth in his life, but God makes a way for him to realize his worth and the value of life.

Lyfe’s Journey” (2014) — This faith-friendly movie centers on a family man named Lyfe (Keith Robinson) who makes a terrible mistake. That mistake ends up isolating him from the people he loves most. YouTube doesn’t show the number of views “Lyfe’s Journey” has received. However, the hundreds of positive comments suggest that this heartfelt drama about forgiveness and redemption is a hit with viewers.

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