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"The Redemption of Bobby Love" book.
"The Redemption of Bobby Love" book.
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The Bobby Love Story: Faith-Based Drama About Escaped Convict’s True Story Still in the Works

“The Bobby Love Story” is based on the true story of Walter Miller, a Christian and family man with a controversial past. The new faith-based project is reportedly being developed by FX.

About the Project

The project is headlined by award-winning actress Octavia Spencer, according to Deadline. The “Hidden Figures” actress is also the project’s executive producer.

“The Bobby Love Story” is based on the life of Walter Miller, an escaped convict who lived on the lam for decades. Miller hid his true identity so well that he even fooled his wife, Cheryl Love. Everything changed, however, when the police showed up at their door one morning asking for Walter Miller. As for as Cheryl Love was concerned, she didn’t know a Walter Miller.

True Story

According to Faithfully Magazine:

“As events unfolded over the next few weeks and months, Mrs. Love and her four children learned that the man they had called husband and father for decades had an astonishing past. Walter Miller — or Bobby Love — was a convicted bank robber wanted for escaping a North Carolina prison almost 40 years prior.”

The publication adds:

“Love concealed his true identity from his wife and four children out of fear of losing everything he had built since escaping prison in his 20s. Since that time, though he didn’t initially always play it straight, Love had rehabilitated himself by becoming a hardworking and God-fearing family man.”

The Loves’ dramatic story first gained widespread attention in 2020, thanks to Humans of New York founder Brandon Stanton.

An FX Project

Then came the book the following year: The Redemption Of Bobby Love: A Story of Faith, Family, and Justice.

Although initial reports describe “The Bobby Love Story” as a one-hour drama, IMDb has it listed as a TV series.

There has also been speculation that the Walter Miller movie would be a Netflix production. However, no new reports have emerged to support such speculation. “The Bobby Love Story” remains an FX project.

Shalisha Francis-Feusner (“Seven Seconds”) was reportedly tapped to write the series. Kerry Washington’s production company is also reportedly involved. So far, Octavia Spencer is the only known cast member. We have yet to see which actor will portray Walter Miller.

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