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‘The Chosen’ Season 3 Set Includes Recreation of Ancient City of Capernaum

Midlothian, Texas will soon be home to a full-sized recreation of the ancient town of Capernaum – the town where Jesus’ disciple Peter lived and where Jesus worshipped in the local synagogue – with construction underway on a film set for  Season 3 of hit TV series, The Chosen.

The set includes houses belonging to various disciples, a synagogue and fishing wharves set on the (almost) “Sea of Galilee”. A film complex is also being built on the property – consisting of a 30,000 square foot sound stage (where filming can take place in ideal sonic conditions), props, hair and makeup facilities, a woodworking room for prop construction and a multi-purpose room.

When complete, the site will be worthy of an LA film studio location. So how did it end up in the cement-industry hub of the city of Midlothian, in northwest Texas?

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