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Christian Alternatives to Netflix: 5 Streaming Services for Christian Viewers

Despite its popularity, the Netflix streaming service isn’t the only game in town. And for viewers of faith looking to stream mostly Christian content, there are certainly other options to consider. In this article, we highlight streaming options that could be considered Christian alternatives to Netflix.

Why would faith viewers want a Christian alternative to Netflix? Well, the streaming giant has sparked the ire of conservative religious viewers on occasion. For example, some Christians have accused Netflix of promoting objectionable content and of mocking Jesus, Christianity’s central figure. Some Christians have even taken issue with Netflix for encouraging binge streaming, a bane to a healthy sleep routine.

With seemingly so many Christian viewers in conflict with Netflix, it only makes business sense for competitors to provide alternatives for a faith-based market. We present some of these streaming options below, in no particular order.

Pure Flix (The Usual Suspect)

Christian alternatives to Netflix

Probably most widely known on any list of Christian alternatives to Netflix is Pure Flix. Founded in 2005, Pure Flix claims it is “the worldwide leader in selecting and streaming faith and family-friendly media that changes lives, inspires hearts and lifts the spirits of members like you and those you love.”

Pure Flix offers a 7-day trial period for interested viewers, which then converts into a monthly membership. At the usual price of $7.99/month, Pure Flix is a couple of dollars cheaper than Netflix. It also claims to have “thousands of faith-filled movies and shows” available for viewers.

Up Faith & Family (Noticeable Diversity)

Up Faith & Family is under the UP TV branch of programming channels and caters specifically to viewers of faith. If you’ve ever looked at the offerings on Pure Flix and thought their content could use a bit more diversity, then Up Faith & Family may be your ticket.

The service produces original content and claims to “stream the best family movies, cooking and design shows, uplifting Christian movies, kids favorites, Christmas movies, music specials, comedies and more.” Interested viewers can try it out for free for 14 days. When the free trial period ends, those who want to keep their Up Faith & Family subscription must pay $5.99/month.

Crossflix+ (Education Advantage)

Christian alternatives to Netflix

With a name like Crossflix+, it sure sounds like Pure Flix has a competitor. Yet the company boldly declares that “Crossflix is the Christian alternative to Netflix.”

Instead of just focusing on entertainment with its movie and TV offerings, Crossflix+ (crossflix plus) is also interested in educating viewers. The Christian streaming service claims it stands out by providing “hundred[s] of interactive and engaging learning experiences for the entire family about the narrative, history and impact of the Bible.”

In addition to being accessible via an app, Crosslflix+ is also available for streaming via Roku devices. Viewers can expect to pay $9.99/month to use the service.

Dove Channel (Cheap Subscription)

Christian alternatives to Netflix

The Dove Channel claims it offers “handpicked entertainment for your whole family” and reflects the Christian values of its parent organization. To the casual visitor, the streaming service doesn’t exactly scream that it’s tailored to Christian consumers. But explicit Christian content doesn’t take great effort to find, as its lists of top viewed movies and series are usually populated with faith-inspired content.

Overall, the Dove Channel claims to feature “more than 900 hours of new and original content, as well as classics from television and film.” Interested viewers can sign up to watch a lot of content for free. However, if you want more control over what kind of content you see and to watch without ads, then expect to pay at least $4.99/month for a premium membership. Interested viewers can enjoy premium benefits for free for 30 days before making a final decision.

Crackle, Tubi, and YouTube (100% Free With Ads)

For Christian viewers who would rather not pay a monthly subscription fee to any single service, there’s always the option of simply focusing on 100% free content. After all, who doesn’t like free?

That’s where services like Crackle, Tubi, and YouTube come in (and maybe even Amazon’s Prime Video). Obviously, with free content viewers should expect to see ads (providers have to cover costs somehow). But with services like Crackle, Tubi, and YouTube finding Christian content to stream is easy.

For starters, they all have some kind of “faith-based” or “Christian” category. Crackle seems to have an unending list of faith-based movies spanning several genres to explore. Tubi is somewhat similar to Crackle, though its offerings seem a bit more expansive. As for YouTube, Christian Movies’ entire channel is dedicated to free Christian movies on-demand. There does seem to be overlap with Crackle and Tubi, though Christian Movies’ YouTube channel appears to have a few more independent offerings in the mix.

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