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New Christian Movies on Amazon Prime Include ‘Lifemark,’ ‘Church of Darkness,’ and More

Amazon routinely adds new Christian movies to Prime Video, so it might be challenging to keep track of recent additions to the platform. However, we’ve taken on the challenge to, hopefully, make your life a little easier. In this article, we present five new Christian movies that you can watch on Prime.

Take note: the term “new” doesn’t necessarily mean the movie is a brand new release. In some cases, “new” simply means the film has been newly added to Prime Video.

Here are some top picks of new Christian movies on Amazon Prime to watch. The list is presented in no particular order.

Updated: April 21, 2023

Left Behind: Rise of the Antichrist

This newest take on the “Left Behind” movie franchise occurs in the wake of the rapture. That can mean only one thing: the prophesied “Great Tribulation” has begun. As the Antichrist spreads his web of lies, everyone left behind must choose a side. The stakes have never been higher in this popular end-times movie staring Kevin Sorbo, Neal McDonough, and Corbin Bernsen.

“Left Behind: Rise of the Antichrist” has a solid 4-star rating on Prime Video. Viewers can stream the movie for $4.99 or buy the DVD/Blu-ray for about $12.


“Lifemark,” said to be inspired by a true event, tells the story of a teenager named David. His world gets rocked when the mother who gave him up makes contact. Her efforts send “the adopted 18-year-old on a journey of discovery that leads to a staggering truth from his past.”

This feel-good family drama reunites Kirk Cameron and Alex Kendrick. Alex is one-half of the Kendrick Brothers, who cast Cameron in the popular Christian movie “Fireproof.”

“Lifemark” is rated PG-13 and has mostly positive reviews from a couple of dozen viewers. You can watch it on Amazon Prime Video for as low as $4.99 or buy the DVD for less than $12 (currently). “Lifemark” was the top-selling movie for Faith and Spirituality DVDs on Amazon (at the writing of this article).

Angels Unaware

This supernatural movie stars popular Christian actress Karen Abercrombie as an angel sent from heaven. Eden’s mission is to intervene in the life of those on the edge of making a fateful decision. However, her brother Lucifer (Cameron Arnett) has plans of his own. And those plans obviously include trying to derail God’s plans. But Lucifer’s weakness is his genuine desire to have the kind of good relationship he once enjoyed with Eden before he was booted from heaven.

Watch “Angels Unaware” for $3.99 or buy the DVD for $14.99.

Church of Darkness

As the title suggests, “Church of Darkness” is a thriller/horror movie centered on a creepy secret society. “A devout Christian teen boy moves to a new town and discovers a sinister underground society flourishing under the protection of the mayor. When he learns of their evil plans and sacrificing rituals, he tries to save them all, but it may be too late!” according to the movie’s description.

“Church of Darkness” is definitely a stylized film that has an intentional cheesy ’80s feel to it. That’s not necessarily a bad thing (some people enjoy cheesy movies). But in this case, the bad special effects don’t help much. If you’re in the mood for a creepy film, though, “Church of Darkness” may be what you’re looking for. This film may not be appropriate for younger viewers.

Watch it for $3.99 on Prime Video.

Testament: The Parables Retold

This movie available via Angel Studios (also behind viral “The Chosen” series) is a retelling of New Testament stories for modern times. A longer description on IMDB states: “Luke hides from the dreaded Temple Guard with the early disciples hoping to further his research into his report on Jesus, but he gets more than he bargained for when he begins to hear the great storyteller’s own stories; the parables.”

Since “Testament: The Parables Retold” is streaming on Angel Studios’s platforms, you can actually watch it for free on the website. Or, watch it on Prime Video for $5.99.

Viewers seem to really like this movie, as it enjoys 9/10 star rating on IMDB and positive reviews on Prime Video as well.

God & Salsa

It may seem like a funny title at first, but “God & Salsa” takes on a heavy subject. “A grief-stricken therapist is determined to help a suicidal teen but to help him, she must face her own pain and let go of her guilt. With help from God, a pastor and a dance instructor, the two realize they just might have a second chance,” according to the movie’s description on Prime Video.

You can watch “God & Salsa” on Prime Video for $3.99.

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