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Christian Movies Based on Books and Where to Watch Them

Imagine being able to see some of your favorite books by popular Christian authors like Karen Kingsbury, Victoria Christopher Murray, and Francine Rivers adapted into movies. Or discovering that some of the movies you have fallen in love with were adapted from books, and you can enjoy reading them just as much as you enjoyed watching them on screen.

We cannot imagine anything as beautiful as that. Here is a list of some popular Christian movies based on books we believe you might enjoy watching or reading.

Grace and Grit

“Grace and Grit” is an adaptation of Ken Wilber’s biography of the same name. It is based on the true story of the philosopher’s wife, Treya, who was diagnosed with cancer and died unexpectedly. The story takes us through Treya’s treatment, the couple’s struggle, and how they held onto faith during the crisis. The life-changing Christian movie stars Stuart Townsend, Mena Suvari, and Frances Fisher, to name a few.

Watch “Grace and Grit” on: Prime Video | Vudu | Redbox

Buy the book on Amazon

Seven Deadly Sins Series (Wrath, Greed, Envy, Lust)

Four of bestselling author Victoria Christopher Murray’s popular “7 Deadly Sins” series of books have been adapted by Lifetime, featuring many well-known actors. The “deadly sins” series examines what some Christian traditions view as specific sins that the Bible warns against. These include: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride. So far, Lifetime has four “seven deadly sins” movies, including “Wrath” (starring Michelle Williams and Romeo Miller) and “Greed” (starring Monique Coleman and Eric Benét). The film projects were executive produced by T.D. Jakes.

Interested viewers can buy or rent the individual movies to stream starting at $1.99 on Prime Video and Vudu. Alternatively, viewers can subscribe to the Lifetime Movie Club for $4.99 (includes a free, limited trial) and binge watch the entire series.


In contrast to the other films on this list, “Breakthrough” is based on a book with a different name. The movie is an adaptation of the book The Impossible by Joyce Smith and Ginger Kolbaba. It tells the “impossible” true story of a teenager who slips through the ice and is submerged for 15 minutes before being rescued, leaving his family to walk through their faith while he is in a coma.

Watch “Breakthrough” on Prime Video | Vudu | Redbox

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Redeeming Love

“Redeeming Love” stars Abigail Cowen, Tom Lewis, and Nina Dobrev. The movie is based on the best-selling novel written by Francine Rivers. Rivers is one of the most well-known Christian authors. While guiding us through a young couple’s relationship, the movie conveys a potent message about unconditional love and tenacity.

Watch Redeeming Love on Prime Video | Vudu | Redbox

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I Still Believe

I Still Believe,” starring K.J. Apa, Shaniah Twain, and Gary Sinise, is an adaptation of Jeremy Camp’s autobiography. There is also a song with the same title, which was written by Camp and Phil Newman. The inspirational Christian movie chronicles Jeremy’s life and shows how his faith sustained him during his most trying moments.

Watch “I Still Believe” on Prime Video (or buy the DVD for currently less than $4)

Buy the book on Amazon

The Pilgrim’s Progress

The Pilgrim’s Progress is an epic animation based on John Bunyan’s book of the same name, which was written over 340 years ago. It depicts the distractions, challenges, and perils that Christians face on their journey to the Celestial City. The Christian movie is appropriate for both adults and children because it vividly depicts the Christian life and how to overcome obstacles.

Watch “The Pilgrim’s Progress” on Prime Video

Read “The Pilgrim’s Progress” on Amazon


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