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Christian movies on Netflix include The Shack
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Christian Movies on Netflix That You Can Watch Right Now

Are there Christian movies on Netflix? Well, Netflix is one of the most popular subscription streaming services, with more than 200 million paid memberships worldwide. Christians obviously must be among that huge number. So yes, there are plenty of Christian movies on Netflix for its faith-based users.

Netflix has thousands of movies, in addition to series, available on its streaming service. They’re categorized into distinct categories, covering genres like comedy, horror, and romance. Included in those categories are movies that fall under “Faith and Spirituality.” In fact, Netflix also has a “Kids Faith and Spirituality” category for kid-friendly programs.

When it comes to movies that Christians might find interesting, there are many on Netflix.

Below is a list of some popular movies with Christian themes currently streaming on Netflix (at the time of this writing).

God Calling

This is a Nollywood movie that centers on a woman who recently lost a child and finds herself at her lowest. However, God shows up for her in an unusual way — with a phone call — and brings renewal to her family and faith. – Watch “God Calling”

Mary Magdalene

As the title implies, this is a feature film about one of Jesus’ female disciples, Mary Magdalene. Starring Rooney Mara, Joaquin Phoenix, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Tahar Rahim, this speculative take on Mary presents her as having a unique bond with Jesus during his ministry. – Watch “Mary Magdalene”

The Shack

This movie, like the book it’s based on, may be controversial for some conservative Christian viewers. The premise involves a man suffering a crisis of faith who encounters God in three different people. The lead cast includes Sam Worthington, Octavia Spencer and Tim McGraw. – Watch “The Shack”

The Young Messiah

The Bible doesn’t give much of a look at Jesus’ life as a child, with a couple of exceptions. “The Young Messiah” tries to change that by centering its story on a seven-year-old Jesus. As Netflix describes it, Jesus is tormented by a demon while on the run from a Roman soldier. He and his parents, Mary and Joseph, are trying to make their way from Egypt to Nazareth. – Watch “The Young Messiah”

Blue Miracle

This movie is about a guardian and the kids at an orphanage teaming up with a boat captain for a fishing competition. The orphanage is broke and the contest promises a lucrative prize. “Blue Miracle” stars Dennis Quaid, Jimmy Gonzales and Miguel Angel Garcia. – Watch “Blue Miracle”

This list of faith-friendly movies available to Christian viewers on Netflix barely scratches the surface. To see their full offering, visit Netflix’s “Faith and Spirituality” section. Make sure you’re logged in to see the entire selection. If you don’t have a streaming account, a Netflix subscription starts at $9.99. And, remember, Netflix regularly rotates movies in and out of its streaming catalog so your movie options might change.

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