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Nine Christian Movies on Amazon You Can Watch Right Now

Amazon Prime Video is one of the wonderful platforms that the internet has bestowed upon the world, especially for Christian movies.

Hidden among the plethora of movies available on Amazon are amazing Christian movies that are definitely worth your time. Below, we have compiled a list of the most popular Christian movies available to watch on Amazon right now. These movies are available to stream or watch for free on Prime Video, and they are picked based on popularity ratings.

Selfie Dad

“Selfie Dad” is an entertaining family movie about fatherhood, family, and temptation that digital-age Christians encounter. It stars popular comedian Michael Jr. Watch it now

Letters to God

“Letters to God” is a true-life story that will move the entire family. It focuses on a little boy who wrote to God and inspired his community as they all worked on their faith. Watch it now

Same Kind of Different as Me

A thought-provoking and must-see Christian movie based on the New York Times bestseller (read the book for free with Kindle Unlimited). Two men from different walks of life find out they actually have a lot in common. Watch it now

Run the Race

“Run the Race,” directed by Chris Dowling and produced by Tim and Robby Tebow, is a football-themed Christian movie about forgiveness, faith, perseverance, and family. The movie features two brothers in a small southern town with different world views. Watch it now

Coming Home

The movie, based on the best-selling novel “Coming Home” (get it here) is about two brothers and their faith, hope, and resilience — and the power of prayer. Watch it now


During a crisis, this film reminds Christians to have faith in God, in themselves, and in others. The story is about a man who once had a great life but lost everything and had to go on a life-changing journey. Watch it now

A Box of Faith

An uplifting and heartwarming faith-based movie that should grace your television at any time. “A Box of Faith” is a story about a teenager who was forced to live on the streets and run from a social worker, who turns out to be her friend. Watch it now

Faith’s Song

This movie is aimed at Christian adults, teenagers, and children. It’s a lovely movie about the life of a young Christian girl who must overcome a deep loss. Watch it now

Redemption of the Heart

A powerful story about a man who abandons his Christian faith and steals from the church, but eventually finds faith. Watch it now

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