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Crossflix Is Not Pure Flix: 5 Facts About the Christian Alternative to Netflix

While Netflix is a well-known streaming service where you can watch some popular Christian films, some viewers think Crossflix+ and Pure Flix are good alternatives.

Both platforms only stream films and documentaries with Christian themes that can be enjoyed by adults and children. In fact, since viewers will only find Christian or moral movies on Pure Flix and Crossflix+, one can trust that leaving these platforms unsupervised for children will be safe.

People often confuse these two Netflix alternatives with one another. The slang term for film, “flix,” which appears in both names, may be the cause of the confusion.

Aside from this and the fact that they are both Christian movie sites, Pure Flix and Crossflix+ are very different platforms. The following are some interesting facts about Crossflix+, which has described itself as the Christian alternative to Netflix.

Five Facts About Crossflix+

Provides Interactive Learning

Crossflix+ is a Christian alternative to Netflix that shows faith-based content. In addition to airing Christian films, TV shows, documentaries, and children’s movies, the platform is well known for its interactive learning programs for both adults and children. Viewers can learn more about the background of the Bible and how it has influenced contemporary morals, values, and art through their interactive learning programs.

No Controversial Content

Crossflix+ is the preferred streaming service for Christian families because it exclusively features Christian content for both adults and children, unlike Netflix.

Available On Many Streaming Platforms

Crossflix+ supports a majority of streaming services, including iOS and Android mobile devices. Additionally, you can add its channel to your Smart TV (compatible with Google Play Store or App Store) or Roku streaming device.

No Ads

Without ever having to see a commercial, the streaming service allows you to watch an endless amount of Christian content.

Content Is Rated By Dove.Org

Crossflix+ takes pride in being one of the streaming services with nearly all of its content highly rated by Dove.Org. Dove.Org is a reputable Christian movie rating organization.

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