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This is the end movie from Sony Pictures
"This Is the End" (Sony Pictures)

End Times Movies About the Book of Revelation, the Rapture, and Post-Apocalyptic World

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Rapture films, which are only popular among a subset of Christians, are based on the Book of Revelation as well as portions of the Old and New Testaments. End times movies about the rapture and tribulation exist to remind believers of Jesus Christ’s Second Coming. For those who are not concerned with the horror depicted in rapture movies, here are some recommendations of what to watch, and where.

Sunday Morning Rapture

“Sunday Morning Rapture” is an end times movie that won the 2013 Capital City Black Film Festival Best Feature Film award. It is an intriguing watch. The film, as the title suggests, is based on the biblical story of Jesus Christ’s Second Coming. The plot revolves around the rapture occurring on a Sunday morning, just as a preacher is discussing the coming dark days. Some would say that “Sunday Morning Rapture” is an accurate depiction of the reality of Jesus’ return to Earth.

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The Rapture: The Beginning of the End

“The Rapture: The Beginning of the End” is a documentary that delves into biblical prophecies concerning the rapture. The documentary focuses on North American biblical scholars and eschatologists.

Watch “The Rapture: The Beginning of the End” on Prime Video

Left Behind (2014 and 2001)

“Left Behind” is based on Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkin’s popular end times book of the same name. It is another excellent movie that creatively depicts the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. In this film, a young woman who is learning about the gospel witnesses her mother and brother vanish in the mall, exactly as the Bible describes the rapture.

While the 2015 “Left Behind” remake features Nicholas Cage as the lead, followed by a star-studded cast, the original “Left Behind” movie stars Kirk Cameron in the featured role. The later is perhaps one of the most popular end times movies of all time among Christian viewers.

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Watch “Left Behind” (2001) for free on Amazon Prime Video and Vudu

The Second Coming of Christ

“The Second Coming of Christ” stars Diana Angelson, a one-time nominee for Best Actress at the 2017 International Christian Film Festival. Angelson portrays a scientist who discovers that true faith can bring about miracles.

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This is the End

“This Is the End” is a rated-R comedy starring Emma Watson, Craig Robinson, James Franco, and Jonah Hill. “This Is the End” depicts the apocalypse as predicted in the Book of Revelation. In the film, six Los Angeles celebrities are raptured and trapped in a house, but they survive and go to heaven. The popular rapture story is given a comic twist in this film that some Christian viewers might enjoy.

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The Book of Eli

“The Book of Eli” is not exactly a biblical end times movie. However, the cult favorite starring Denzel Washington (Eli) and a notable cast comes close enough. “The Book of Eli” is set in a post-apocalyptic world where vital resources are rare. Humans have resorted to evil acts to survive. Eli stands tall as an unusual hero. Viewers follow his journey to deliver a mysterious text that he believes holds the key to humanity’s survival.

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