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Why ‘Hollywood Is Taking Notice’ of Faith-Based Films

Director David Helling’s feature directorial debut was far from a leap of faith. It was a calling.

Helling, a former U.S. Marine who served during the Iraq war, showcases the Biblical story of Abraham and Isaac in his film “His Only Son.” The first-time director spoke with Fox News Digital about why he wanted to tackle one of the most “controversial” Scriptures amid the growing interest in faith-based films.

“My reason for wanting to do ‘His Only Son’ is to give an answer to the scoffers and the skeptics, for one, and to give a defense to believers that they could then answer the skeptics in their own lives,” Helling said.

“Because this passage in Scripture that we find in Genesis 22… where the Lord tests Abraham and asks him to lay his own son upon the altar as a burnt offering is one of the most scoffed at passages, one of the most controversial passages that we see in scripture.

“So, to be able to dig into the word and draw out what the Lord was doing and what the Lord was pointing to in the testing of Abraham’s faith, that’s what I wanted to do and why I wanted to do this film in particular,” Helling noted.

“His Only Son” is an independent production outside the Hollywood mainstream, but Helling is seeing a shift in demand for faith-based content.

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