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Father Stu Trailer starring Mark Wahlberg
"Father Stu" starring Mark Wahlberg. (YouTube/Sony Pictures Entertainment)

‘Father Stu’ Depicts Rollercoaster Journey From Boxer to Priest

When Mark Wahlberg dove into the story of Father Stuart Long, he said what stood out was the way a previously agnostic man and his family – resistant to God after the death of their brother and son – were transformed by the Catholic faith.

“It was all that they endured,” Wahlberg told Crux. “Having to deal with the loss of a child and their inability to cope, and then Stu kind of being left to his own devices and really being kind of angry at the world. Then, [it was] how they were all really able to come together and Stu orchestrating all of this through his relationship with God, and then when he committed to God I don’t think anybody has been more effective.”

Wahlberg portrays Long in his new film, “Father Stu,” which opens in theaters Wednesday, April 13. Based on a true story, the film follows Long’s rollercoaster journey from amateur boxer to Catholic priest.

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