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free Christian movies to watch on YouTube are Lukewarm and Royal Ashes
"Lukewarm" (Slighshot Pictures) and "Royal Ashes" (Cross Purposes Productions)
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Free Christian Movies on YouTube to Watch Right Now

Free movies are like precious stones because it is difficult to find platforms that allow you to watch good Christian movies for free these days. YouTube has been one of the most popular platforms for watching Christian movies all over the world since its inception.

YouTube has a large selection of Christian movies that you can choose from and watch for free. We have selected a few Christian movies for you to watch right now.

Fat Chance

“Fat Chance” tells the story of Allison, an overweight dental assistant. Allison has always struggled with her weight and self-worth. Having never been in a relationship, she has given up on the idea of ever finding love. One day, she decides to try online dating. Too afraid to use her own picture, she instead uses a picture of her attractive friend. What’s going to happen when Allison and her romantic suitor finally meet?

Watch Fat Chance

Twist of Faith

“Twist of Faith” is a heartwarming romantic movie about about overcoming grief and loss. Jacob Fisher, an Orthodox Jewish cantor, witnesses the brutal murder of his wife and children. Left catatonic and wandering the streets, he’s eventually taken in by Nina Jones (Toni Braxton). Nina is a devout Christian and a single mother living. Nina and her family help Jacob to heal from his trauma and find new meaning in life.

Watch Twist of Faith

40 Nights

“Forty Nights” (or “40 Nights”) takes an interesting approach to portraying Jesus Christ’s earthly ministry. The entire movie focuses on Jesus’ wilderness experience. In the books of Matthew and Luke we read that Jesus “was led by the Spirit into the wilderness” where Satan tempted him after he had fasted 40 days and 40 nights. The movie stars D.J. Perry as Jesus.

Watch 40 Nights


“Faith.Hope.Love” is a movie that provides a deep reflection on judgment, how to live as Christians, and how to improve the church. As the name implies, the movie focuses on faith, hope and love and is available to watch for free on YouTube.

Watch Faith.Hope.Love

Redemption Way

Redemption Way depicts the difficulties Christians face in maintaining their faith, as well as how to leave everything at Jesus’ feet and allow him to show us the way no matter what. This Christian movie is available for free viewing on YouTube.

Watch Redemption Way

Royal Ashes

“Royal Ashes” is a heartfelt family drama that has a lot of emotional twists and turns. Paul Royal, the oldest of five siblings, has to choose between pursuing his life’s dream and trying to keep his family together. The problem: teen suddenly has to step up in new ways when their mother succumbs to an addiction.

Watch Royal Ashes


A story about faith and the Christian life. Cast members include John Schneider from the movie “What Would Jesus Do?” and Jeremy Jones from “Decision.” Bill Cobbs from “Ultimate Gift” also appears in “Lukewarm,” among others. The plot revolves around a young man who started out on the right path but lost faith after his father abandoned the family. Now, he has to try to find his way again.

Watch Lukewarm

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