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i can only imagine movie cast

‘I Can Only Imagine’ Movie Cast: Who’s Who in the Popular MercyMe Movie

The “I Can Only Imagine” movie cast doesn’t include many big names, but the film’s stars definitely made an impact on screen.

“I Can Only Imagine” tells the true story of Bart Millard, the lead singer of the Christian rock band MercyMe. The famous film depicts how his relationship with his abusive father inspired the band’s biggest hit song, “I Can Only Imagine.”

“I Can Only Imagine” was reportedly filmed on a $7 million budget but grossed more than $86 million worldwide. Released in 2018, the Christian movie was definitely a mega-hit.

Main Cast and Plot

The “I Can Only Imagine” movie cast is led by J. Michael Finley as Bart Millard and Dennis Quaid as Arthur Millard, Bart’s father. The film also stars Madeline Carroll as Shannon Street, Bart’s girlfriend, and Trace Adkins as Scott Brickell, MercyMe’s manager.

Finley is a relative newcomer to Hollywood, but he delivers a powerful performance as Bart Millard. Finley, who earned a nomination for his performance, captures the singer’s pain, struggle, and eventual triumph. Quaid is also excellent as Arthur Millard, a complex and deeply flawed character. He brings a sense of menace to the role but also shows glimpses of the man Bart could have been.

Carroll is charming as Shannon Street, Bart’s girlfriend. She provides a much-needed source of support and love for him. Adkins is also suitable as Scott Brickell, MercyMe’s manager. He’s a tough character but also believes in Bart and his music.

i can only imagine movie cast

Supporting Cast & How to Watch

The supporting cast of “I Can Only Imagine” is also excellent. Cloris Leachman is outstanding as Meemaw Leona Millard, Bart’s grandmother. She provides a sense of wisdom and comfort for him.

Overall, the cast of the MercyMe movie is excellent. They deliver powerful performances that bring the story of Bart Millard and his relationship with his father to life. The film is a moving and inspiring body of work, as evidenced by its box-office success.

In addition to the actors listed above, other members of the “I Can Only Imagine” movie cast include:

  • Tanya Clarke as Adele Millard, Bart’s mother
  • Nicole DuPort as Amy Grant
  • Priscilla Shirer as Mrs. Fincher
  • Rusty Martin as Michael Tait
  • Barry Levy as Bart Millard (young)
  • Brody Rose as Sam Millard (young)

The film was directed by Erwin Brothers, Andrew and Jon Erwin. Writing credits go to Jon Erwin, Brent McCorkle, and Alex Cramer. It was produced by Cindy Bond, Kevin Downes, Mickey Liddell, Daryl Lefever, and Pete Shilaimon.

The MercyMe movie is available to stream for a discounted price (at the time of publication) at Prime Video. Fans of physical media can buy the DVD and Blu-ray editions also by “I Can Only Imagine” on sale.


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