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90 minutes in heaven movie
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Is ’90 Minutes in Heaven’ a True Story?

Is Heaven real? What does it look like? Can humans ever see Heaven and live to tell the tale? The movie “90 Minutes in Heaven” tells the story of a man who might have the answer to those questions.

What Happens in ’90 Minutes in Heaven’?

In 1989, minister Don Piper (Hayden Christensen) was involved in a horrific car crash where he was pronounced dead on the scene. 90 minutes later, his lifeless body would come back to life. During the ninety minutes when he had been declared dead, Don testified that he had seen Heaven, magnificent beyond our imaginations. There, he met deceased loved ones and joined the choir of the angels.

Since then, he dedicated his life to sharing his divine experience to millions of people in the world.

Where Is Don Piper Now?

To date, Don Piper still runs the Don Piper Ministries, which he founded in 2007. Don uses the ministry to speak about his experience in Heaven, bringing rejuvenated hope and faith to millions across the world. His book, 90 Minutes in Heaven, has sold over 7 million copies worldwide and been translated to 46 different languages.

Don’s wife, Eva Piper, recounts her own grueling story through Piper’s post-accident recovery in her book A Walk Through the Dark.

Is ’90 Minutes in Heaven’ Streaming on Netflix?

“90 Minutes in Heaven” is not currently available to stream on Netflix. However, you can watch the movie on several other platforms. You can watch “90 Minutes in Heaven” for free (with ads) on Tubi, for example.

How to Watch ’90 Minutes in Heaven’

Where else can you watch “90 Minutes in Heaven”? For a small rental fee, you can watch the movie on: Amazon Prime Video | Vudu | Redbox.

So Is ’90 Minutes in Heaven’ True or False?

Don Piper’s incredible true story provides vivid details about what the heavenly realm might look like. More importantly, it has reawakened hope in many tired souls. There will never be a scientific way to prove Piper’s testimony. You can only witness the true manifestation in the way the story impacts his life. After the accident, Piper went through years of laborious recovery. And yet, he came out on the other side better than ever, and never stopped preaching about the miraculous event. The joy and hope that it brings to so many lives, is in itself a form of testimony about the realness of the story of “90 Minutes in Heaven”.


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