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Netflix removing Christian movies is not a real thing

Is Netflix Removing Christian Movies? — Here’s the Truth

Have you noticed on your social networks people asking about Netflix removing Christian movies? But why would Netflix be removing Christian movies in the first place?

The question sent us looking for answers. Here’s what we found.

To cut to the chase: no, Netflix has not been removing Christian movies.

But yes, on occasion, Netflix filters out certain titles from its catalog. Netflix also filters in certain titles to make them available to subscribers. So Netflix does not have any kind of vendetta specifically targeting Christian movies on its streaming platform.

There Are Lots of Christian Movies on Netflix

In fact, Netflix has a pretty decent Faith and Spirituality section of movies and series targeting Christian adults and children, and viewers of other faiths.

Among some of the many Christian movies on Netflix that you can watch right now (at time of publication) are:

  • The Young Messiah
  • Blue Miracle
  • Mary Magdalene
  • A Week Away (musical)
  • Forgiven (with Kevin Sorbo)
  • God Calling

You can take a look for yourself to see what Christian movies are on Netflix via the Faith and Spirituality listing. We also have a shortlist of Christian movies on Netflix here.

claim that Netflix removing Christian movies is fake news
(Photo: Nijwam Swargiary/Unsplash)

False Claim About Netflix

The source of the false claim that Netflix has been removing Christian movies was a satirical article, according to trusted news publications.

The satirical article reportedly dates back to 2016, yet this false claim keeps popping up years later.

The problem with websites producing satire is that, in some cases, it is difficult for some readers to immediately grasp that what they are reading is actually fake news.

Satire is usually “a work of art, literature, or entertainment in which the folly and corruption of human beings, institutions, or social structures are exposed, denounced, or ridiculed,” according to

Unfortunately, some websites are not trying to make any serious points by using satire. Instead, they are intentionally trying to confuse readers mostly to get clicks.

These websites should make it abundantly clear that what viewers are reading is meant to be satire by labeling these articles as such. There should also be information informing visitors about what the website produces.

Thankfully, there are resources online that can help readers spot fake news, including some listed here by NPR.


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