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Karen Abercrombie and J. Leon Pridgen II star in the movie Heaven Sent
Karen Abercrombie and J. Leon Pridgen II star in the movie Heaven Sent. (Source: Pure Flix)

5 Reasons to Watch Karen Abercrombie’s Romantic Comedy ‘Heaven Sent’

New Christian Movie Arrives in Black History Month and in Time for Valentine’s Day

Karen Abercrombie and J. Leon Pridgen II star in the new Christian movie “Heaven Sent,” streaming beginning February 3 exclusively on Pure Flix. Here is a summary of the romantic comedy and five reasons we think “Heaven Sent” is worth a watch.

What’s ‘Heaven Sent’ About

Abercrombie stars as Elise, a charismatic independent business owner who has focused her time and energy on taking care of her grandson, Derek, played by Jemarcus Kilgore. Their close-knit relationship, primarily borne out of tragedy, has taken an unhealthy turn. What’s more, because of past hurts, Elise has closed herself off from romantic love. Enter Pridgen’s character, Pastor Patrick Briggs, a handsome widower who needs a bit of help moving on with his life. In the hopes of actually getting a life of his own, Derek decides to rock the boat for romance and ends up making his grandmother go viral.

Five Reasons to Watch ‘Heaven Sent’

Karen Abercrombie’s Peformance

The popular actress wowed audiences with her award-winning portrayal of spunky prayer warrior Miss Clara in “War Room.” Since playing the iconic character alongside Priscilla Shirer, Abercrombie has gone on to show her versatility and range in a long list of movie and TV projects. Some of her most notable movies since “War Room” include “God’s Compass” and “Discarded Things,” the latter of which Abercrombie produced. The star doesn’t disappoint in “Heaven Sent.”

Jemarcus Kilgore and Abercrombie Reunite

Kilgore and Karen Abercrombie are reunited in “Heaven Sent.” The pair first appeared together in “Discarded Things” (2020). Both Kilgore and Abercrombie earned awards for their powerful performances. Their chemistry is apparent in “Heaven Sent,” as their easy interactions make their family bond credible.

Impressive Supporting Cast

The rom-com wouldn’t be complete without Charlene Tilton (“Road Less Traveled”) appearing as Pam, Elise’s best buddy and wingwoman. Also, the movie’s secondary love story is centered on characters played by Elizabeth Byland (“Swagger”) Michael J. Patterson (“Interim Pastor”), the latter of whom provides some comic relief throughout the movie. Finally, “CSI” veteran Gary Dourdan manages to heat things up a bit when his character reconnects with Abercrombie’s Elise.

‘Heaven Sent’ Is Entertaining

“Heaven Sent” is a feel-good romantic comedy with lots of chuckles along the way. Although it may feel a little formulaic at times, and relies on a few rom-com tropes, “Heaven Sent” is still a fun watch. Abercrombie co-wrote and executive-produced the film. Director Joanne Hock also worked with Abercrombie on “Discarded Things” and “Angels Unaware.”

It’s a Timely Movie

“Heaven Sent” makes its debut in February, just in time for Valentine’s Day. That makes it a great movie for the occasion, or for any date night. February is also Black History Month, and the movie presents a positive picture of Black love. Frankly, there aren’t many Christian romantic comedies that also center strong Black leads. “Heaven Sent” is a notable addition to the genre.

How to Watch It

“Heaven Sent” is available for streaming beginning February 3 exclusively on Pure Flix. That means viewers will need a Pure Flix subscription to watch it. Pure Flix offers a 7-day free trial period for new subscribers, which then converts into a monthly $7.99 membership. Fans of Karen Abercrombie can binge several of her movies on the platform, according to this list compiled by Pure Flix.

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