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Karen Abercrombie Miss Clara War Room
(Image via Faithfully Magazine)

Karen Abercrombie on Why Miss Clara in ‘War Room’ Is Her Favorite Role (Video)

Karen Abercrombie, currently starring in “Heaven Sent,” says playing the popular character Miss Clara in “War Room” further opened the doors for her as an actress.

Abercrombie told Faithfully Magazine that the 2015 Christian movie positively impacted her career “on so many levels.”

The award-winning actress said:

It was after “War Room” that a lot of people recognized that I was out in the world. Then people started sending me scripts and wanting me to play their version of Miss Clara. And I was like, “Well, come on, God. You gotta do something here, Lord [laughs]. You’ve opened up the doors and so I can’t just do this.” I’m a classically trained actress, you know. I’m gifted to be able to do just about anything acting-wise. That’s just how He has gifted me.

So it was after that that my first story started stirring in me, “Discarded Things.” I had never even wanted to write a script or produce anything. But it just happened. And “War Room” was like a blessing that keeps on giving. I had to raise money to do “Discarded Things.” But because people were still wanting more of Miss Clara, I could dress up and go around the country. So that is how I made the money to produce my first film. After that experience I was like, “This isn’t so bad.” And you’ve got some control of the material that you put out into the world. “Okay, God. I see what You’re doing.”

When asked specifically about her favorite projects over the years, Abercrombie said:

To date, certainly film. Miss Clara, because for an actress having to build a believable three-dimensional character, it was just delicious. Then she’s spreading some good news and light — even more delicious. And then, God in the process…I learned how to get out of His way and allow Him through. That’s why if my character was as powerful as she was, it was God working through me with me being out of His way. That was great, too, you know. Learning that I have to be cognizant of that fact… You got to make sure that you’re out of His way. And trust the closed doors, trust the open doors. He’s got you. So all of that. I’m the better for it.


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