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leave the world behind
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If ‘Leave the World Behind’ Were a Christian Movie It Would Elevate the End-Times Subgenre

For fans of Christian apocalyptic narratives, Netflix’s “Leave the World Behind” is a new release that deserves your attention. This gripping adaptation of Rumaan Alam’s novel offers a compelling exploration of societal breakdown and the human need for connection amid uncertainty, while subtly inspiring reflection on faith and resilience.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the film and why Christian viewers would enjoy it.

The story unfolds during a seemingly idyllic vacation for a young family. Their peaceful retreat is shattered by the arrival of two strangers claiming to have fled a city-wide blackout. As trust erodes and anxieties rise, the film delves into the characters’ internal struggles and desperate attempts to navigate a rapidly unraveling world.

Themes of fear and uncertainty dominate the narrative as the characters grapple with the cause and consequence of the blackout, and the conspiracies that swirl around it. One thing is clear: things are headed downhill, demanding the families make tough choices about the kind of people they want to be in this new reality.

The blackout is a powerful metaphor for the fragility of modern life and humanity’s dependence on technology. However, despite this bleak backdrop, “Leave the World Behind” insightfully portrays various aspects of human connection. Additionally, the film explores the concept of faith and its role in overcoming fear, prompting viewers to contemplate their beliefs and values in the face of an uncertain future.

Through its ambiguous ending and open-ended questions, “Leave the World Behind” invites us to consider what truly matters when faced with cataclysmic events. It provokes introspection about our preparedness and the person we want to be when the world we know crumbles. For Christian viewers, this introspective journey can be particularly enriching, offering a lens through which to examine faith and its role in navigating the unknown.

With its compelling narrative, thought-provoking themes, and nuanced exploration of human connection, “Leave the World Behind” is a worthy post-apocalyptic thriller. It’s not a “Christian movie,” but “Leave the World Behind” would definitely elevate the genre if it were. The film offers a unique perspective on an end-time scenario and prompts viewers to engage in meaningful introspection about faith, family, character, and the resilience of the human spirit.

The movie’s main leads are Julia Roberts, Mahershala Ali, and Ethan Hawke. Watch “Leave the World Behind” on Netflix or with clean filters via VidAngel.

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