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Shia LaBeouf
Actor Shia LaBeouf in a 2017 photo. (Source: Flickr CC/John Bauld)

Actor Shia LaBeouf Converts to Catholicism After Playing Saint Padre Pio in Movie

Shia LaBeouf’s conversion stems from his recent role as Saint Padre Pio in the 2022 film, where he trained at the Old Mission Santa Inés Parish in California.

If you’ve been trying to keep up with Shia LaBeouf’s career, you know he has a knack for leaving fans scratching their heads.

His latest plot twist is his most divine yet.

LaBeouf, the Hollywood actor known for roles in Holes, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and three Transformer movies, as well as his off-screen troubles and controversies, has converted to Catholicism after being confirmed on New Year’s Eve at a Mass presided over by Capuchin Franciscan friars.

Adding to the intrigue, LaBeouf, who had a barmitzvah when he was 13, is contemplating a role as a deacon (a subordinate officer) within the Church, “sometime in the future”.

The California branch of the Capuchin Franciscans, a Catholic religious order, took to Facebook to announce the news, accompanied by images of the 37-year-old actor beaming alongside members of the organization.

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