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David Oyelowo, Geraldine James and Will Patton in Silo series on Apple TV
David Oyelowo, Geraldine James and Will Patton in "Silo." (Source: Apple TV+)

Apple TV’s New Post-Apocalyptic ‘Silo’ Series Based on Book Is Worth the Watch

Apple TV+ has released the “Silo” series, its latest original serial work, and it’s definitely intriguing. The dystopian drama is based on the popular book series of the same name by Hugh Howey, and it tells the story of a community that lives in a giant underground silo.

So far, there have been no explicit religious themes. But Christians who are fans of end-times/post-apocalyptic stories may very well enjoy the “Silo” series.

About the ‘Silo’ Series

“Silo” takes place at some future point on Earth where the remaining 10,000 people alive are forced to live indoors. Everything they do takes place inside a giant vertical structure that is at least 144 stories. All anyone knows is that the environment has gone to ruin with the outside being poisonous to all life. It’s been like this for generations, with “rebels” to blame for society’s current predicament.

It was the rebels, the government says, who destroyed all historical records of the time before. So the government’s account of history is the one that stands. And so do their rules. But some of the silo’s inhabitants don’t trust the government. They refuse to be sheep and just go along with the program. How far are they willing to go to uncover the truth?

How to Watch ‘Silo’

“Silo” is a gripping and suspenseful series that will definitely keep you intrigued.

Unlike Netflix’s invitation to binge watch their series, Apple has been releasing “Silo” series episodes every Friday. The first episode introduces important players and helps establish the reality of “Silo’s” setting. The second episode plunges viewers into the main mystery: who is trying to hide what truths and for what reasons? The main cast includes Rebecca Ferguson, Iain Glen, and Will Patton.

If you’re a fan of dystopian fiction, then “Silo” is worth a watch. If you don’t already have Apple TV, now would be a good time to check it out. Apple TV costs $6.99 a month, but lets you watch free for seven days. If you’d rather wait for Apple to release all 10 episodes before taking advantage of their “try free” offer, consider diving into the book series in the meantime.

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